I was a different kind of kid.

From a young age, I felt a profound attachment to an energy greater than myself. Something metaphysical, purposeful…something that can’t be explained or contained. I unknowingly possessed the wisdom of someone far beyond my years, I was talented, and I was passionate. But I was also an outcast, trying to find myself amidst the noise that was slowly and swiftly swelling inside my head.

Through years of instability at home, dysfunctional social environments, and traumatic events, came fear, pain, and rejection. These years were also full of beautiful experiences - music…dreams…visions. Laughter and love. 


For some time, chaos took the wheel. But despite the pain, the drugs, the alcohol, and the madness — I found light. I found purpose. I found intention. I found solace in the cosmic energy; the web of balance and purpose that connects us all. I discovered within myself, the ability to quiet my demons. I chose to let go of who I was, to focus on who I could be. Step by step…Day by day…I reached for old teachings in spirituality. I found strength through surrender. I found a way to manifest my own destiny. I found the inspiration, discipline, and desire to grow. I wanted to succeed.

Someone one told me, “Look around you. Listen, watch, and take inventory on all of the things happening - that’s how you’ll know if you’ve reached the next level, and if you truly are transformed. Suddenly, you won’t recognize yourself or your surroundings.”

One day, I lifted my eyes to meet my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t recognize the person looking back. In this moment I knew - It was the end of a chapter in my book of life. In this moment, I understood that a new era was to begin. 

Welcome to my journey. Our journey.